Christmas Coding

It's Christmas Day, and again I find myself sitting in front of a code editor in the early morning while waiting for the day's activities to start. What was remarkable about that is that I've been here before. It's actually one of my favorite parts of Christmas Day - I don't have anywhere to be, very little do, and that makes time to do something fun and for me.

The projects have changed over the years. One year, I remember working on a lightweight Ruby web framework based on Sinatra. My thought was "Rails is heavy, I'll string together my own framework," but of course, quickly realized that I was just cloning Rails. Another year I worked on a database for family pics and video. That stuff lives in Plex now - a sound idea but not one I would be well advised to spend time on.

This year's feels a little different, but so did the ones in the past. I think what is different is my ability has grown over the years, as has my ability to accurately determine the size of projects I can handle. My commitments have also changed, which benefits from the fact that my eyes and stomach have caught up. But what hasn't changed is the possibility.

However you spend today, I hope it's a good one.

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