I was working on RWikiBot, and if you were to look back at the early versions

of the source code, you’d see that I used to request a name for the bots. And,

dumb me, it was the first variable required. After a handful of updates and a

lot of testing that required me to type in a name that ended up being a

useless later in the code, I nixed it. Dropped it like a hot potato. I mean,

why would I name the damn thing?

Here’s why – one day the bot will edit, and when it’s making updates, it

probably ought to identify itself as whatever name the owner of the bot has

designated for it. Sure, I call my bots RWikiBot, but you won’t. How did I

have such foresight and yet be so dumb!?

Luckily it’s not that bad to add it back. And I’ve gotten smarter about coding

stuff and testing. But still, dumb.