I think it’s time for a redesign. It’s been a while, and for me, half of the

fun of actually maintaining a stupid blog is looking at it. So it’s time for a

redesign. I’m not how it will look, but it’s coming.

I think I’ll recode it in Django. I’m falling quite fond that little app, and

the chance to play with it in more ways is high on my list. I’ll need to make

sure it’s blogging-app friendly, but providing that it is, then all will be

well. And by blogging-app, I mean MarsEdit. That’s the thing about WordPress –

it wouldn’t be so popular if it weren’t so great. Great and versatile. I had

this debate with myself before, right after I learned how to code PHP pages.

Once I realized that the only thing going on was pulling a set of rows from a

database, I decided I wanted to try my hand at creating a blog app. And I did

– version 6 of this site was hand coded. It was neat, but ultimately an

exercise in futility. There’s no gold medal for creating another app, and why

reinvent the wheel? There’s already a handful of good blog engines, so the

world doesn’t need another one.

I know that Django would sort of be defying that philosophy since you end up

creating most of the interfaces, but I think it’s OK. As I’ve said in an

earlier post, I really want to like Django. It’s the right mix of pre-written

code and my own stuff. I like template inheritance. I like it’s speed. I love

it’s Eddie console. So, next week I think I’ll do a redesign. Keep your eyes