It seems like everyone I know has an iPhone nowadays. I haven’t jumped ship

and am still rocking the Sprint phones, but let me say, it’s getting tempting.


Sometimes when I really want something and know I shouldn’t necessarily get

it, I go locking for problems. Negative reviews, slams, critiques, anything.

And you know what I’ve found when doing this for the iPhone? Nothing. Whiners

only. No honest critiques. Just a lot of people who refuse to get it on

principal, out of stubbornness, or who knows what.

Not that the iPhone hasn’t been without troubles in the press. It’s GPS isn’t

“true” or “good” or whatever, and 3G isn’t as fast as it appears in the

commercials (duh?). But those are firmware issues, and seeing that in two

months there have been two revisions to 2.0, Apple is trying.

So what to do? I don’t know, I guess I’m just commenting. Isn’t that what a

blog is about? Just know that when you see me walking with earbuds, they’re

hooked up to an iPod, not an iPhone.