I’ve never liked MySpace. I don’t spend time on MySpace. I don’t have an

account nor do I want one. But maybe I’ve been to harsh on it.

Hear me out – I’m a web designer, so having a framework for creating content

on the fly hasn’t ever been of interest to me. I like the chase. I like to

write code and see things change incrementally. I enjoy tinkering with hex

color codes until I get the perfect scheme. And I’m supremely uninterested in

listing off my top 8 friends, my favorite bands, videos or corporate


But I’m not the norm (duh). I don’t need my hand held when making webpages,

but some people do. And that’s fine! Why shouldn’t they have a forum? If

anything, the Internet has given everyone a forum, so good for MySpace for

making it accessible. I know if I didn’t know better, I’d be impressed as hell

that I was able to change the background of my page or embed some music.

So maybe I’ve just been harsh. Maybe the world’s been harsh. Sure, cross-site

scripting attempts aren’t good, and spam is never good, but I think that’s

pretty far outweighed by the opportunity afforded. And now that Facebook is a

wasteland of apps and walls and redesigns, you may as well opt for


But don’t look for me on there or anything, cause I’m quite content where I