So I plunged. I’ve switched the site completely off of Apache and into Nginx.

Hoorah! We’ll see how this goes. There’s definitely some learning curve for me

when it comes to the configurations, and I don’t think things would be moving

so smoothly if it weren’t for the [manual to end all

manuals]1. But, it’s a step. Yeah, my phpmyEddie isn’t

working anymore, and sure the default site is forwarding here for some reason,

but it’s a step. And, as I keep telling myself with my new workout program,

every journey starts with a step. Repeating something I’ve said a lot – “we’ll

see how this goes.” I can always switch back to the powerhouse beast that is

Apache, but where’s the fun? Let’s have some.

I will say – despite the fact that this server is constantly under extremely

low load and this barely qualifies as a blog – the load times are faster. It’s

microscopic, but faster. And I think it would scale better. Anyway, the

overhead is less on the box, and in a limited VPS setting, that’s amazing.

Updated: As I post this, I’m finding that I hadn’t got my bases covered. So, my rewrites were passing XMLRPC to a busted page. (I post from MarsEdit, for the uninitiated). As a service, here’s most of my WordPress friendly config file. Suggestions welcome, copying allowed, criticism forwarded to /dev/null.

` server { listen 80; server_name;

access_log […]/; error_log


location / { root […]/; index index.php index.html

index.htm; }

if (!-e $requestfilename) { rewrite ^/writings/(wp-.)$ /writings/$1 last;

rewrite ^/writings/xmlrpc.php$ /writings/xmlrpc.php last; rewrite

^/writings/(._)$ /writings/index.php?q=$1 last; break; }

location ~ .php$ { fastcgi_pass; fastcgi_index index.php;

fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME

[…]/$fastcgi_script_name; include



} `