When Apple rebranded the mildly amazing dotMac service to the equally-still-

unamazing MobileMe, I got psyched up. I liked the promise of Push™ service

_without _Exchange. Sure, I didn’t run out and buy an iPhone either time it

was released, but maybe I would one day (nope). I do use Macs, though, so the

improved syncing would be amazing.

Since graduating college I’ve been using GMail as my “personal” email. I’ve

kept GMail and dotMac both active, and either pointing at once central box or

tying my mail client to both. It’s worked out fine, but it leaves the problem

of me not deciding which one I want to use. And I still don’t know. GMail is

amazing – basically unlimited, fast, ubiquitous. MobileMe is nice as well –

pushy mail, a fairly large quota as well, the prestige of having a @mac.com

attached to my name (yes, I’m an elitist). So I’ve kept both running.

Currently, dotMac forwards to GMail and gets tagged so I know where it came


But there has to be more. Of course there does. Clearly I have eddieroger.com,

and what address is more appropriate than having “me” at my own domain?

Or, using my family’s domain to have an address there.

The question becomes, “how easily could I change addresses, and what would it

involve?” OK, you got me. Questions.

Well, I actually think at this point it would be impossible.

I’ve managed to keep work email for just work, which is important to me

because I don’t need a copy of me-specific things floating around servers I

don’t control, especially if they contain content that could get me in

trouble. Everyone I know and regularly communicate with knows about my GMail,

and it’s working, but what happens if I pick up and move? Sure, I’ll forward

it, but I don’t want to turn on a generic auto-reply, because there’s a fair

amount of people I wouldn’t mind leaving behind (“What do you mean ‘ew’! I

don’t like SPAM!“). I could add it to a signature, but who reads those? I can

even automatically reply with the new address, but then I have to rely on you

updating your address book.

What’s the lesson? Be content with what I’ve got for now.

For now.