It’s been almost a year since I posted, and that’s no good. I tried writing my

own blog in the middle, but mobile device applications have come far enough

that I decided it was not worthwhile. For example, a year ago I could do very

basic posts from my iPod Touch, but with no camera and relatively limited

wifi, that was dumb. Flash forward to today – I can post from my Evo, write a

post from my iPad, or sit and use a desktop like I’m used to. I refuse to post

pictures to Facebook since I don’t control things uploaded there, but I can

publish a picture to my blog, hosted on my web server, from my Evo.

So, yeah, back to WordPress. I liked the idea of writing a Django blog, and

haven’t abandoned it yet, but for now it’s a side project and not

mainstreamed. For now, anyway.