Alright, maybe that title is misleading. A better one would be “any

development on the iPad.”

I’m setting out on an experiment. For a long time, I’ve said that I’m a

command line guy. A modern green screener. A relic, willing to trade my mouse

for a permanent keyboard, any day of the week. In theory, this means I should

be able to do some serious development with just an SSH terminal and a

keyboard. As it happens, my iPad has just that.

I’m tossing between two SSH apps right now – iSSH and a new player, prompt. I

don’t know much about iSSH other than it fell squarely in the “just works”

category – point it at a server, enter some credentials, and it just worked.

Prompt is from Panic, a company that makes software good enough I want to buy

(namely Unison and Transmit). It’s version 1.0, and thus not without faults.

Namely, the thing goes three minutes and hangs unexpectedly. Between the two,

though, an SSH client is acquired and runs.

Next up – environment. I have an account on my web server that I can log in to

for running the thing, so I’ve made a directory for local development. Now my

SSH client has somewhere to go. A few virtualenvs and git inits later and I

had a place to work.

For a quick test, I spun up a very basic Django project and kicked off it’s

internal server. After remembering to let it listen on all IPs, I was able to

get to it from Mobile Safari. A rousing success.

So that’s where I am. I have a kludgey but functional ultra mobile development

environment. I’m going to let this go for a bit and see if it’s feasible.

Clearly a gap is anything graphic, but that’s what my big Mac rocks at doing.

For quick, ugly code work, this should do nicely. I guess we’ll see.