There’s been a lot of talk in the press recently about some of the disgusting

things that have been happening at Penn State. Not the cover up business, but

the terrible allegations against Sandusky and what he may have done to those

poor children. This isn’t a story about him.

We live in a world where it is now weird for adult men to be alone with

children. Single fathers aren’t the norm. Men walking through a park a little

too slowly will trigger a call to the cops. Kids can’t be outside too far from

home or too long for fear of being snatched.

This past weekend I got to (finally!) go to my cousin’s gym meet at a local

middle school. Being the avid amateur photographer I pretend to be, I took my

camera. As my dad and I were walking in, I had a strange cringe of what people

would think about two adult men (we drove separate from my aunt and cousin)

walking in to a building of little girls with our cameras. I made sure we were

sitting obviously with my aunt before actually pulling out my cam and zoom

lens, but I couldn’t share the fear that people would be concerned. After her

first event, I let it go, but I can’t shake the feeling.

I don’t intend on diving in to a “how did we get here” type blog post, nor is

this a social commentary. I have come to rationalization that I would rather

people eye me funny if I take my cousins out for lunch or something than risk

a stranger harming them and no one taking action. But it is a shame that this

is the case.

For the record, my cousin swept the event and scored highest all around for

age group. She’s just that great – no big deal.